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Your Treatment Journey​

Your health and happiness are very important throughout the treatment process.  With this in mind we have provided some details about Canadian patient support groups that bring patients together enabling them to share their experiences.


The Canadian Cancer Society has many resources for patients and their families. is an online community for patients to connect with each other and discuss all aspects of their cancer journey. View  patients questions, concerns, support and stories on the forums and groups and consider participating in the discussion. Other important services and information the CSS provided include:

Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to learn more about robot assisted surgery and continue the discussion. Recent highlights from our Facebook and Twitter Feeds can be found below.

Featured Patient Stories

Listen to Canadian patients describe their experiences with robot assisted surgery. More patient stories can be found within the specific procedure pages located here: Robot Assisted Procedures

Robotic Surgery Lung Removal

Wald describes his experience with lung cancer and his successful treatment with robot assisted surgery. 

Aubrie's Story

Aubrie is an emergency nurse from Victoria who was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in her salivary gland that was not responsive to radiation and ended up being treated with robot assisted surgery.

Returning home after surgery in 23 hours

Jack describes his experience and his short length of stay after a robot assisted prostatectomy. 

Bret Hart and his Prostate Cancer Journey

Brett Hart discusses his experience with Prostate Cancer and the care he recieved from the urology team in Calgary

Taking Robotic Surgery to the Next Level

Learn about how surgeons at St. Joe’s Healthcare in provided Linda robot assisted surgery with advanced imaging technology for her lung cancer. 

Grateful Transoral robot assisted surgery patient

Jennifer describes her cutting-edge treatment and surgery at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. 

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“Now I can put in a scope that can look up and around that corner, and the robotic arms can operate on the tongue base as if it were right in front of me. This allows me to perform the surgery with ... See more

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